Best formations in FUT15 to Win FIFA 15 Coins

If you want to win in FIFA 15 with FIFA 15 coins, one thing should be essential is that you should build a dream squad at first. What is important in creating a squad? Except selecting players, choose a formation is quite critical too. Then what formation you can choose and what is the best formation? Read on and find the answer.

All Formations in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.
There are only 25 formations in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mode you can pick. Choose and change your formation in your active squad screen, you should access the formations box pressing your LT/L2 button.
Except 17 formations FUT started with, one dropped and there are 9 new formations added into FUT 15 as follows:
4-2-3-1 (2)
4-4-2 (2)
4-1-2-1-2 (2)
4-5-1 (2)
4-3-3 (2) “Hold”
4-3-3 (3) “Defend”
4-3-3 (4) “Attack”
4-3-3 (5) “False 9”
Means you can have more 9 options of FIFA ultimate team formation.

Suggestions about Best formations you can choose:
Actually there is no best formation ever because everyone is independent individual and has different thoughts. The best FIFA 15 formation is the one that suits you most. Here we provide three kinds of FIFA 15 formations for different uses as follows and each of them is ranged from the most used one to the least used one. And please note that these formations of each category are not the best but top 5 formations that you can take for reference.

Most Used FUT 15 Formations

Most Attacking FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Formations
4-3-3 (4)

Most Defensive FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Formations
4-3-3 (3)

Anyway, start you FUT 15 and adjust your formations as long as you are experienced and find the one that suits you most. If you have any troubles in lacking FIFA 15 coins,fifa15-coins is here for you with cheap FIFA 15 coins and fast delivery.