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FIFA 15 has launched several updates to repair types of FIFA 15 issues. Now many FIFA Xbox 360 players complain in regards to a buying and selling problem which will a severe harm to earn more FIFA 15 coins. What is the buying and selling problem and just what don’t let do in order to constitute this bug?

FIFA 15 fans happen to be confirming a FUT 15 buying and selling problem that gamers getting stuck in transfer targets while buying and selling. Everything is expired when selling and won’t appear as always. Aside from the above mentioned problem, tips over on multiple cards which customers cannot go directly into the club, but get an error message acknowledging the delay, stating a “very busy” transfer market. Yet others discover that their transfers are listed as expired without finishing, despite showing up to be happening. It appears this happened on all consoles. Since there’s no official solution regarding how to solve this FIFA 15 bug to date, you’d better wait for a instructions from either EA themselves or even the official FIFA Twitter account.

This buying and selling problem goes past a bothersome transfer error on the overall game. Many players are increasingly being specific by malicious phishing sites who’re trying to lure individuals to the website with promises of free FIFA 15 Ultimate Team packs.

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