Changing Out Your Favorite Team In Madden 18

In Madden 18, never fear changing out your favorite team, because it is almost easier than blinking. The Madden games aren’t known for loading each new game with tons of new content.

When you’ve got so much to choose from already and can experience most of it with your favorite teams, that’s not really necessary, though.

Madden-18 Changing Out Your Favorite Team In Madden 18

But what if you want to change out your favorite team to experiment with playbooks, or you rushed in without really thinking about team loyalty? How To Changing Your Favorite Team?

In the game’s main menu, scroll over to the Customize tab, select Settings, choose Settings again, followed by Game Options, and then at the top of that screen, you can scroll left or right to choose your new favorite team. Simple as that.

There’s the obvious benefit of being able to play as a new team, changing up your routines and just enjoying the game and its story mode even more. But it also gives you a chance to learn how to use different playbooks, since some are team-specific, and to experiment with your playstyle.

Apart from giving you a greater edge in Head-to-Head matches, it means you’ll have the skills to effectively coordinate your Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) when you get around to that.

Do you prefer sticking with a handful of teams or changing out as much as possible? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out our other Madden 18 guides or have more Madden 18 coins.