EA on Making FIFA 17’s The Journey Authentic

As we all know FIFA 17 career mode The Journey, a new narrative experience focussing on the rise of one player. Here is one website talking to Lead Producer Garreth Reeder about the game and more specifically The Journey.

The following is a quotation from what Reeder talks about how the team make this career mode more authentic.

Reeder said “ever since I’ve started working in video games I’ve wanted to deliver that player experience of becoming a footballer and living that life and seeing what life is like off the pitch, so we knew we wanted to make that story and we knew we didn’t have all the experience to do that.

“We brought a lot of new people to the team who worked on narrative experiences before, we worked with some really amazing writers to bring that authenticity, and then we also worked with some players, Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford, who had gone through some of those experiences in their own lives. We wanted to make sure it was authentic and that we were telling it the right way so I think we did a great job on that”.

The Journey will also chart not only the highs, but the lows of the career of Alex Hunter. “Any kind of narrative has those ups and downs and we wanted to build all of that into The Journey and into the story, but we always wanted it to be about you and your performance and your actions.

“So I think when people play The Journey they will see that their performances on the pitch, how they answer questions in post-match interviews or talking to their manager or teammates, the way that their personality is shaped and the way that they play on the pitch, will change certain scenes and certain parts of the story and give a different context to the story.

“So this is very much not you playing and things are happening without your involvement. We want you to feel like you’re controlling the story”.

The Journey will be available to play upon FIFA 17’s release on September 29 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.