Easy Coins Making Tips for the beginning of FIFA 15

FIFA-15-1024x570 Easy Coins Making Tips for the beginning of FIFA 15

Hey everybody! Regardless of the system you use to play FUT, here are some helpful tips for next season when it comes to making as many coins as possible.

1. Use up the contracts of your opening team!
In FUT 14, your initial team was awarded 47 contracts. That would be 15 bronze players and 3 gold players. Now, every match will net you about 375 coins. My recommendation is to use up the bronze players first, then use your gold players as subs as you complete games.

Now, you could only use 14 players through this run of 47 games (11 starters + 3 subs). For the other bronze player, you can keep him with the gold players for your next squad or use him to relieve your tired bronze starters (same could be done with the gold players).

The remaining bronze player and 3 gold players will assist you in making another 17,625 coins, not taking into account having to buy another set of players and contracts for these players.

2. Play the easy games first!
Compete in the easy computer tourneys first, followed by the first 2-3 computer seasons as well. Finally, compete against the TOTW in the amateur/semi-pro mode. That should wipe out a fair share of the 47 contracts. The added coin bonuses will add to your stockpile, and you should make good use of those bronze packs early on (by either quick selling them or putting items on the transfer market)!

3. Use the coin bonuses early!
Go to the EA Sports Catalogue and make sure you purchase the game coin boosts.

4. Invest in managers!
Remember my guide from last year. If the concept remains the same, you have to invest in managers totaling 50%. That way, your first silver/gold teams benefit from the added manager contract bonus!

5. Don’t Buy Packs!
Just don’t. Epic waste of resources.

6. Invest wisely!
If you are a first-time FUTer, analyze the market before making any investments. You will mess up as you learn the secrets of the trade, but my point is not to waste your preciously built coins on stupid one-time investments. It’s best to invest small here, small there for the long-haul.

Follow these 6 steps, and you should be on your way to earning a nice stockpile of fifa 15 coins within the first two months on FUT15. Hope these tips prove successful as you build your coin stashes!