Fifa 15 Exceeds All Expectations but no More About Share Play Playable

FIFA 15, the game with the most fans ever, EA SPORTS, leads the top sales for six consecutive weeks (*), marking an unshakable position! Since its launch, FIFA15 definitely consolidates its strong presence in the domestic market, revealing it to be the video game favorite football among Portuguese players! Detailed to the last detail with respect to image and lighting, FIFA 15 resembles exactly what you see on TV and is played in a way that gives all fans the feeling of being on the pitch itself … and not in the stands or on the sofas! The new jogabilidades, the environment of the great games and the authenticity that allow breathing and feel the real thrill of the game, let the players surrendered!

Again, a major setback for Sony: After Sledgehammer dismissed the new feature of Sony and Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare did not make the time being on SharePlay playable, now Electronic Arts is following suit and banned the famous FIFA 15th

Unlike the developers of Call Of Duty, there was no official opinion on the step. Bizarre though, is that Sony applied as one of the divisible title in the introduction of Share Play FIFA 15 yet. Also on the website of Sony, the game is still currently advertised:

“Face your competitors in local multiplayer games in games like FIFA 15 or get reinforcement for Sackboy and his new friends in LittleBigPlanet 3. Using SharePlay is your PSN friends can grab a second controller and play with you.”

Share with Play games from a PlayStation 4 to another can be streamed. The playing partner, by the way, have not need the game itself, can then take full control of the game, one can thereby but also together or against each other, if the game has a local multiplayer mode.

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