FIFA 15 Pitches Detail Guide

930.0x524.0 FIFA 15 Pitches Detail Guide

The pitches on EA Sports FIFA 15 will be more realistic and come with incredible attention to detail that not any of the other previous installments have ever had. Now for the very first time you’ll be able to see the crossbar literally shake after a shot at goal has been fired at it, boot-marks,and sliding tackle debris will all be visible all over the pitch.

Electronic Arts have concentrated so hard on putting as much detail into this years installment, that FIFA 15 really will look incredibly realistic on the Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4. Corner flags will now move if players run into them, or if there happens to be some nasty weather about like gale-force winds disrupting play.

The animated LED ad boards will look absolutely incredible on match-days, and other natural animations to be included are the goal frames shaking with the proper sound effects.

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