FIFA 16 Manager Mode

After FUT16coin read a lot of ideas on the forums about the upcoming Fifa 16 Manager Mode, FUT16coin will write here the best ideas. EA pay attention please:

– Promotion from league 2 to the BPL. Keep playing in front of 6.000 people with a budget of 500k…EA logic. Let us upgrade stadium (realistically) and get funds when we get promoted. A stadium upgrade would cost like 5 million or so (example).

– Fix the transfer market. Chelsea sells all of their GK, nevermind we’ll put Cahill in goal…Make it so that the AI calculates at which position it needs a player. Example: Barca buys Courtois. AI Chelsea notices this and is going to buy another GK.

– Let AI clubs contract Free Agents and make FA available outside of the transfer window (like real life). There should be a battle between clubs over the best free agents players. It has to be difficult to sign good free agent player if I’m playing with League 2 team for example.

– Staff upgrades. This is another one we had in ’08, we could upgrade things like our coaches, and a stadium manager, rather than just scouts. It doesn’t have to be as in-depth as the staff system in FM, if you just reskinned the ’08 system it would be better than what we have now.

– Make the morale system more realistic. What I mean by this is that if I drop a player who has played every game so far in that season to the bench, even if he is tired, will come to me and say he isn’t getting enough game time. This is stupid. An example of this point is Klose’s regen in my Bristol CM. He was my star striker, and 10 games into the BPL season, he had played every match, but was on red fitness. So I did the sensible thing, and didn’t play him that game. However, he then complains about his game time and hands in a transfer request.
– bring back the favourite player, a representative one, so that, if I’ll sell him, risking upset fans and being fired.

– The May update in growth system is stupid. They should grow every week. Change that.

– Another problem in Fifa 15 is about buying young talents from the other teams. Because I can’t see the stat of the player, I usually buy the one player which has in the status “showing great potential” or “has potential to be special”. So EA you should make things better with other players too. I like the idea of form and growing feature.

– Bring back sponsorship and ticket prices

– Their should be a fan approval thing. It could rise and fall depending on certain transfers, media incidents, results etc. If it gets too low, you get fired, if it rises high, perhaps the board is then happy to give you sound funding. Make Full Preparation for Coming FIFA 16 Coins Storm.

– When playing with a lower league team against Man City for example, in Fifa 15 I’m able to win easily with my team stats around 65-70 Ovr. You should make the OVR really count in Fifa 16.

– When I’m signing high potential prospects at the age of 16 or 17 years old, they are playing like best players in top teams. Let’s be serious, they are too young for playing like that. There must be an evolution. When a player scores a lot or is playing outstanding, the OVR should grow clearly so we can reach the potential in max 3 seasons.

– There must be hard to keep good players in low rated teams, so I should be able doing that by winning something. I won the Premier League and my best player wants to leave and more then that, the board will sell him at a lower price. This is unrealistically.

– Commentary needs completely revamp.

So EA, those are best ideas in the opinion of thousand of Fifa fans. Please then, do something about that. If you have other ideas about, please subscribe here.