FIFA 17 new attacking techniques showed and changed the game for strikers

This year EA Sports are going to promising to take a “major leap forward” with the cooperation of well-known developers for the ever popular FIFA series. At present, the team have adopted frostbite engine to make a significant change that make this game more authentic.

A feature, career mode”The Journey” will come no doubt when players get their hands on this.

And last week we was also given some further insight into how the game would revolutionize what’s changing on the pitch, starting with a set-piece rewrite changing the way we take free kicks, corners, penalties and throw ins for the foreseeable future.

Now EA Sports with a little help from Manchester United’s star striker Anthony Martial – have given players a better look at the upcoming games new Attacking Features.

“New options in attack give players more ways to create chances and finish in front of goal.” explains FIFA 17’s Senior Producer Nick Channon. Whilst not as flashy or noticeable as the set piece rewrite, these new changes will certainly have a significant impact on your teams attacking capability.

Read more new features and details below.


FIFA 17 features a driven finish mechanic, that gives you the ability to keep the ball low in any given situation. Drive low hard shots into the bottom corner, keep volleys low to deceive the keeper or even use the new mechanic to slot finesse shots.


The team has also given you new techniques for creating chances, building on the passing with purpose feature, you can now deliver threaded through passes. This allows for new passing options like curling with the outside of the boot through balls in-between defenders.


Starting from the back with your keeper, you can now play driven goal kicks and more aggressive throws to set your team off on quick counter attacks by passing it out from goal with power and direction.


Greater control in direction allows players to head the ball down and into the ground. This not only makes your aireal targets more formidable, but also means your keepers will have to work harder. “It’s hard for a goalie to stop a shot like that,” explains Martial. “I just want him to be looking at the ball… in the back of the net.”