FIFA 17 Trailer Highlights on First Touch Shielding Feature

EA Sports released the official trailer for FIFA 17 at E3 last month. The clip highlights on many new features and also a story mode. One of the features is called the first touch shielding and it sees the player holding up play upon receiving the ball.

This is something that is very similar to the ball shielding feature in previous FIFA titles and they have been overused by the players as there is no way for the defending teams to tackle the ball.

With the feature being further polished for FIFA 17, there is a big chance for first touch shielding to turn into an overpowered move. A beta demonstration of FIFA 17 game play also shows that the defender can’t tackle the ball when it is being shielded by the attacking player.

If this is truly the case, then first touch shielding is definitely overpowered. Such a feature will be abused by the players thus resulting in an imbalanced game. Our idea is for ball shielding to be based on strength stats. The lower the strength, the easier it is for defenders to tackle the ball. So what’s your idea?