FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Packs – 5 packs we would like to see

Opening packs on FIFA Ultimate Team can be both fun and frustrating. Most of the time you will pull absolutely nothing of value yet you still do it, I do too. It is around that time where FIFA players all around the world tend to go on a pack binge.

In this page I’d like to share some pack ideas with you.

1. Derby match packs

These FIFA 17 packs would feature derbies such as the El Classico and Manchester derby. Obviously the derby packs which contained the high ticket players would cost way more. You could however bring out special derby boosts such as “Ones to watch” or “Derby veteran”.

2. Guaranteed Inform player

The guaranteed inform pack is offered in the FIFA 15 new season mobile app though it does come at a price. This pack would be your bog standard 100k pack. (12 players,all gold, all rare) with a definite Inform from the current Team Of The Week.

3. International packs

Perhaps EA missed the boat this year. I believe that they could have released a “One nation pack” during the Euro 2016 and Copa America tournaments. EA could have even made it a prediction competition. For example every pack you bought from a nation would grant you a point. If you predict right you get a “one nation pack” bundle.

4. Staff packs

If you like getting value for money, you will already know how to get free contracts in FIFA 17. This pack would only help you get towards that 50% contract boost. At the start of the game, managers tend to go for a pretty penny. That’s before you even take into consideration the popular ones such as Mourinho and Pep go for way more. Staff packs would be a great way for EA to lower the prices of managers while still giving out bronze staff as a filler.

5. Non rare and rare consumable packs

Consumable packs have been in previous FIFA titles. You could open these packs during special promotions such as FUTmas, towards the end of FUT or even as tourney rewards. The normal consumable packs would contain 12 consumables, 8 gold, 1 rare at the price of 3,000 coins. The rare consumable pack is available on FIFA 15 new season. The pack would set you back 20,000 coins or 400 FIFA points but would get you 12 gold rare consumable items.

Although there is probably many more possible FIFA 17 packs, these are the ones we would like to see.