Fortnite Flaming Hoops Guide – Challenge and Locations

Fortnite Flaming Hoops could be the most current and hottest challenge to join the weekly tasks for players in season five. The heat is definitely turning up this summer with season five with all the release with the new desert area within the southeast quadrant, the new Paradise Palms place, and now the rings of fire place challenge. You may need to jump through five flaming hoops to complete the challenge. Here’s a map with the flaming hoop ramps we’ve located so far:

Fortnite-Flaming-Hoops-Guide-Challenge-and-Locations-1024x576 Fortnite Flaming Hoops Guide - Challenge and Locations

  1. Northwest of Paradise Palms (H7): Exactly where the desert biome meets the grass to the northwest of Paradise Palms there’s a bridge over a ravine. On the south side of your bridge, going down the hill towards the bottom with the ravine is a ramp that jumps more than a standing stone. When the challenge drops, there must be a flaming hoop on best of this stone.
  2. Southwest of Snobby Shore (A5): There’s another jump ramp to the southwest on the southernmost home of Snobby Shore. It jumps more than the cliff edge close to the front gate on the property.
  3. North of Flush Factory (D8): On the western side in the mountain to the north of Flush Factory there’s a further ramp which will likely have a flaming hoop at the bottom of the slope that leads off towards Shifty Shafts.
  4. West of Lazy Hyperlinks (E3): To the west of Lazy Links you’ll discover a hole in ground inside the shape of an umbrella. Towards the bottom of exactly where the umbrella’s deal with would be there’s an additional ramp which will have a flaming hoop to jump by means of.
  5. South of Lazy Hyperlinks (E3): South of Lazy Hyperlinks, about parallel with all the “L” written around the map, there’s an ice cream truck that will probably have a flaming hoop above it when the challenge drops.

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