How to make your own FIFA Coins with Player formation method

FIFA14_Gen4_Products_Feature6_Athlete-UK How to make your own FIFA Coins with Player formation method

There are many ways of making fifa ultimate team coins. Just depending how much time and effort you put into it. Here are the ways our coin making specialists grow their bank of coins.In order to get enough fifa 15 coins for the coming FIFA 15, these tips may do some help to you.

One of our best ways to make coins, is by knowing the market well. You don’t need to know how much every player sells for, just pick a few to start off with, then gradually dipping your fingers into more and more different players once you grow your knowledge of the market. The trick here is by buying popular formation cards like 4-1-2-1-2, 4-3-3, 4-4-2 etc. for the lowest price possible. Then finding the right player to apply the formation cards to, and sell on for a profit.

For Example, a couple of months back when the lowest price for Kaka was going for 4700 roughly, and you can pick up 4-3-3 cards for about 2000-2500 coins each, sometimes even lower depending on your luck, apply the formation card on to Kaka, and re-sell him at 10000 coins, thus spending roughly 7200 to make a 2300 profit (10000 coins after 5%EA tax is 9500). As mentioned before, this is only an example to show you how this technique works. So do your research, find out how much players sell for in the popular formations, and then find out how much the cheapest player sells for plus the formation card, then work out the profit you will get by selling this player in the popular formation chosen.

A tip is, choose players who don’t usually come in those formations, I.E. you wouldn’t get a 4-3-3 CAM in a pack because CAM does not exist in a 4-3-3 formation. And a lot of players won’t be bothered to buy the formation card to apply to the player, and rather just buy the player in that formation already. So therefore there will be fewer of these players in this formation on the market. This will also work for positions, CAM>CM, RM>RW etc etc, certain players sell for more in different positions, so do your research.