How to Win More FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Penalties

A penalty makes the difference between winning and losing a match.Everyone knows its importance. In order to take a penalty you want composureand confidence. Watch the moving bar to reflect how composed you are. You’dbetter make your hands relaxed and maintain cool. Better penalty takers own awider green area to give you more opportunity.

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Placed penalty
To make a placed penalty, you can hold down RB on Xbox when you press theshoot button, and R1 for PlayStation. Supposedly, the placed penalty has moreaccuracy than the regular driven one, and therefore less a chance of missingthe target. Other than this, you can also follow the same principles as givenfor the regular penalty.

Win more penalties
Be unpredictable in the box and combine facing up dribbling (hold LT + RTon your XBox360 controller or L2 + R2 on your PS3 controller) with skill movesand you can win more penalties due to defenders making rash challenges.

The right players
You should know who in your team has the higher penalties attributes. When choosing the player to take a penalty, you should know something about the right players.

When you add more power, then it is likely for the keeper to stop it ifgets a hand to it. But, it is dangerous that the ball is flying over the bar orwide. It is recommended that you use 3/4 power maximum. If you get good penaltytaker like Ronaldo and Lampard, they are able to kick lower powerful shotsabove 3/4 and also win a better chance of scoring.

There you have it. We hope these tips for getting more chances of winningpenalties will help you out. FIFA 15 has offered varieties of practice methodsto help you perfect your penalty-taking skills. And you can see how your”scope” moves as you aim. If you want to get better penalty players,you need to do some trading in the market when you have none. You can alsochoose to buy FIFA 15 coins online.