It’s fair to buy fifa coins on FUT?

1965414_832639090087700_4951553376189714436_o1-1024x576 It's fair to buy fifa coins on FUT?

If you are not innocent,you would probably realised EA’s only true interest is to increase their budget no matter what.If buying FIFA coins wasn’t possible, a big part of this money would go straight to their pockets through pack openings. Developing the game’s fairness and security is surely not a priority for a company that, year by year, increases their income but still doesn’t invest on servers. EA blames the bots, programs that buy and sell automatically on the market, for server problems. They claim these programs quadruplicate traffic and their servers are only prepared for an experience with people. It may sound incredible but EA’s campaign on this got so strong that several people were convinced by these arguments.

If you’re not new you should already know about server problems being as old as the game itself. Back then when autobuyers didn’t even
exist. After all, what should be the reason, other than poor infrastructure, why even within the Beta version servers were down? EA keeps revolving around something that is partially true whilst using it too much as an excuse. It’s unacceptable, for example, that we had the Web App down through almost all of FUT 14, and still we keep having the same bugs (catalogue coin boosts, header goals etc) simply
because they never care to invest significantly more on the game.

We do consider abusive, for example, the fact that EA refers to coin sellers as people who earned them illegally. This isn’t what happens
many times. It’s just one of the ways EA thought they would get the community’s trust with, in a fight where they are the ones who will end up winning mostly.

But our concern here is mostly about the people who buy. We don’t think it’s fair that a person who buys coins is considered an offender. It’ s true that it apparently goes against EA’s terms of service, but we’re talking about a company that constantly mistreats their costumers and for that has already been nominated the worst company in the USA, by the way. At this moment you’re probably thinking “so isn’t buying coins in order to build a good squad unfair over the people who don’t?”. Yes, of course it is. But what if it was possible to buy coins from EA? Wouldn’t that be equally unfair? Because that’s possible. You just need to buy packs and sell what comes inside. According to our calculations here, you get an average return of 100k coins per 31 euros spent buying packs with FIFA Points. In this game, people with money can build whatever squad they want. Either they buy coins or FIFA Points. How can EA condemn you for buying coins while they sell those themselves but at a much higher price? At least the coin sellers don’t camouflage their strategy and sell coins directly, something similar to what Konami does in their new “Ultimate Team”. We’ll go a little further: What’s wrong with even ourselves selling the coins we earned to someone? Why can’t we do giveaways with our coins? If we don’t need our coins from FUT 14 why can’t we just give them to someone who will stay in the game? There’s nothing in those actions that might harm the community’s playing experience. Once again, we do realise this is also a way of avoiding people from being tricked when buying coins but nothing disguises the mercantilist nature of these actions.

Maybe you have different opinions in buy fifa 15 coins,but we hope that you at least analyse these facts in the most independent way
possible.Finally,we expect your comments.