PES 2017 Fight against FIFA 17 with its Awesome Footage

PES 2017 vs FIFA 17

Judging by this video, the annual battle between Pro-Evo and FIFA is going to be closely fought this year.

Forget Mourinho vs Guardiola, Messi vs Ronaldo and Zlatan vs Zlatan’s ego. The great football battle of the new season looks set to be FIFA 17 vs Pro-Evolution Soccer 2017.

Traditionally, PES/Pro-Evo/whatever you call it tends to come second to FIFA in the annual ‘greatest football game on Earth’ competition. For years now, it has been dominated by its traditional rival.

However, much like Man City emerged from years in the doldrums to finally take on Man United, the online video you can see above suggests PES is now in a position to properly compete with FIFA.

Take a look at the clips and you will see the first look at actual gameplay footage from PES 2017.

clip from PES 2017 football game

screenshot from PES 2017 football game

new footage from PES 2017 football game

They look incredible.

The recently released trailers – including one featuring Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud failing to score – had already suggested this edition of PES was likely to be the strongest yet.

But the new video at the top of the page proves it’s not just going to be a good-looking game.

It suggests the brains behind FIFA 17 might, for the first time, there is gonna be a fierce competition between FIFA and PES.