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The guide of Brazilian goalkeepers in FUT

It’s so important to choose the right goalkeeper in FUT which would create a solid defence and avoid conceding goals.However,this is one of the positions with lack of quality among Brazilian players. Only two goalkeepers have good international reputation: Júlio César anda Diego Alves. Two attributes are essential for when you look for a goalkeeper: reflexes and

11 tips to win in FIFA 15

FIFA 15  fan,welfare is coming! Here together in this comprehensive guide our best tips and tricks to become the Messi of the joystick! Here are 11 tips to win in FIFA 15. Eleven tips that will be very useful to make a difference. For example, how do you use the offside or how to ask

The raiders of fifa 15 coins

You might have heard of the Hours Method that is used for making FIFA 15 coins effectively. The moments when there are more gamers will have several times more traffic compared to the moments with much less traffic. We will analyze the best moments to sell or buy cards to make FIFA coins. It is

Enter the primary Four is Too hard

In the recent Fabregas Chelsea signed A shrub, city beat Manchester town, Manchester United take recent Balotelli captain A shrub Van Persie when the dealing, the players moving fromseveral Premier League clubs already commonplace, don’t let the skin world too stunned. Of course,these are gone. The known commentator Zhan Jun all over again come in